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The Poop Box that is Environmentally Friendly!

The Poop Box.Dog

Description Of my Invention with you and my daughter in mind, why?

My beautiful daughter, Sydney went to college for her bachelor’s degree in Sustainability. While attending classes, she researched and wrote papers on the importance of caring for our environment, the planet, and her future. She called me one day, upset and said, “Mom, I’m doing all this research work, and people really don’t care!

What could I say when I knew Sydney’s heart was in the purpose of her degree and knowing many really don’t care!  I wanted my daughter to finish her bachelor’s degree not for the sake of a degree, but it’s impact on her understanding of the environmental concerns for her generation, and generations to follow.

You can feel good about picking up! Or not!! But the yard is clean!!! And my girl knows, “we can be proud, that she has a degree in sustainability” and somebody did something, US!