Poop Box

Materials and Composition

The Poop Box.Dog  size is designed to work with a Portable Pooper Scooper (sold separately in the market). We provide 

 2 each 100% compostable sturdy bags able to hold 15-20 lbs of poop. We hope that you buy similar compostable bags and support the reduction of  petrol-based plastic bags.  . 

Our special box is made of:

The side flaps are designed to hold the bag (any bag really, I’m just pushing organic!)  in place. The box’s ink, and coating have been sourced to be water based, and made from local (California, US) mills and corrugated material is made up of 65% recycled content, and compostable

The box material is rated at 32 ECT (Edge Crush Tested) strength and rated to carry up to 50 pounds of materials, but actual strength will depend on the distribution of weight inside the box, the temperature around it, and where the box is stored when not in use. We recommend in a dry area of your yard or garage.